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Utilizing a twisting-suction mechanism, BINO's SMARTSUCTION technology combined with natural rubber allows for a powerful, long lasting adhesion to most surfaces. Simply position a clean suction cup on a smooth and clean surface, apply pressure and turn clockwise. To release, just turn the dial counter-clockwise. Suction cups can be re-positioned to avoid grout lines, simply loosen the dial and slide along the frame to the desired position.

Accessories not included.

For best results:

1. Clean both the wall and the base of the suction cup with water or rubbing alcohol.
2. Make sure the cap and base of the suction cup are completely loosened before applying to wall.
3. Apply pressure to the base of the suction cup and tighten the cap to secure, as shown in the included instructions.

Be sure to avoid placing the suction cup over grout lines.
Works best on a smooth, non-porous surface (glass, ceramic, porcelain, etc..)

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